Thursday, 12 March 2015

A visit to the Borough Archives

Day 1

The film group from year 5 went on a visit to Kensington Central Library to look at the archives of North Kensington. They looked at photographs of a bakery, boys swimming and bomb damage of the area. They enjoyed looking at all the maps of the area as it has changed and old photos of the houses and cars. What was very interesting was how quickly the area became built up from the 1840s. This was due to the railways and canals being built.The history of the Westway was all about the knocking down of housing and caused great divisions.

When they returned to school the students were introduced to W.I.F.F.L.E
W - White balance
I - Iris
F - Focus
F - Framing
L - Level of Audio

These are the five techniques used when setting up a camera for interview. The students took turns in each of the operations. Matthew and Sav explained the various techniques to the students with each one being their assistant. The students thoroughly enjoyed this introduction to researching and making a documentary.

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