Saturday, 21 March 2015

Reminiscence Group

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Maggie Tyler with members of the reminiscence group.
As part of this project local historian Maggie Tyler has been running a reminiscence group running in parallel to the activities in Barlby Primary School.

A group of ten local people have met weekly to discuss their memories and experiences in NW Kensington around work, housing, campaigns, leisure and whatever else came up. This group also visited the local studies centre in Kensington Library before going in to Barlby School to meet the young historians. Each gave a short talk about their experiences before working with smaller groups in a more informal, giving the opportunity for questions and chat.
Eddie Adams and Mick Kasmir

The group really enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the children, and the children learned more about the history of the area and also the importance of oral history as an important ways of exploring and understanding history.

The meeting also gave the children the opportunity to think about developing the actual interview questions they will use for the interviews the following week.

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