Thursday, 19 March 2015

Learning the equipment and interviewing techniques

Day 2

Day two concentrated on using W.I,F.F.L.E in an interview situation, setting up and using professional equipment. The theory of lighting was explained and the students learnt how to set up lights, attach tie pin microphones and the techniques used to get a good interview. Each student took turns with all the different jobs such as camera, sound, lighting and interviewer. One student acted as the interviewee to help with framing and sound. To focus the camera it was necessary to zoom in very close and then frame the shot allowing for nose room. This is having the camera at an angle and keep space to one side, not shooting straight on. The lighting had to balance the light from the window to eliminate shadows. During the soundcheck the audio levels were checked by asking the interviewee to count to ten in their normal voice after the tie pin microphone was attached. Later interviewing techniques were discussed including using open questions. Maintaining interested eye contact (not staring), and allowing the interviewee to finish their sentences.

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